About Us

Dependable Metal Treating, Inc. is a locally owned and operated heat treating facility located in Kendallville, Indiana. Incorporated in 1995, we have grown from a small 2 furnace operation to 9 integral batch furnaces with support equipment, automatic monitoring controls and a full metallurgical laboratory.

In 1999 the state of Indiana granted Dependable Metal Treating the Quality Improvement Award. We are ISO Registered, W-HTX & CQI-9 compliant.

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No customer is too small for us to accommodate and we strive to improve all aspects of our business by providing employee training and proper work environment. All of us here at Dependable Metal know the importance of meeting our customers’ requirements not the first time, but every time.

With “Dependable Service” and “Dependable Quality,” Dependable Metal Treating progresses with expansion as we consistently offer a high mark of service. While the industry in general has recently declined ten to fifteen percent, Dependable Metal has continued to grow, establishing ourselves as a leader in the heat-treating field.

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